Outdoor Full Body Workout for Weight Loss

Getting out of the gym and taking your work out outdoors is great for your mind and body.

Changing up your workouts regularly ensures you’re hitting different muscle groups and keeping your body guessing.

If you don’t have a gym membership or any equipment available to you, I have the perfect outdoor workout for you to watch below.

This explosive workout demonstrates some great fat burning exercises that utilise your own body weight.

Bodyweight training is great because you’re using completely natural movements, you’re using additional muscle groups and you can do it at any time, anywhere!


Apart from getting you outdoors and away from technology. This workout is designed to work your entire body for a healthy lifestyle.


  • Jump squats x 10 reps x 5 rounds
  • Assisted push ups x 10 reps x 5 rounds
  • Step ups x 10 reps (each leg) x 6 rounds
  • Dips x 10 reps x 6 rounds

Adjust to suit your needs and to cater for any injuries you may have.

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