How to Heal Dry, Overworked Hands

How to Heal Dry, Overworked Hands

During the winter months, our hands can become very dry and overworked. I did a lot of research into dry hands and how to get them back to normal and here’s what I found.

There are a number of reasons why they become dry and cracked, the main reason being a compromised outer layer of skin.


Your skin will naturally heal itself, however, overwashing, chemicals and exposure to the sun, cold air and the wind will gradually damage the outer layer. This means your skin will no longer be able to hold onto moisture and heal itself.

Thankfully there are a number of ways to restore damaged skin and keep your hands looking younger for longer, here’s how!


While you may think you don’t over wash your hands, they are the bodies most washed body part. You wash them in the shower, doing the dishes and after going to the toilet (hopefully).

Over-washing strips your skin of its natural oils and makes it hard for your skin to repair itself.  Avoid over washing, especially with old-fashioned soap bars. They are super duper drying on your lovely skin.


The best treatment is prevention. Whether you’re washing this dishes or outside gardening, put on a pair of gloves.

Another tip is to wear a pair of cotton gloves to bed! Ok, so it may not be the most attractive thing you could wear to bed. Moisturising your hands and then popping on a pair of gloves will really lock in the moisture!


Hot air dryers are great for the environment (less paper wastage) however they are not too friendly on your skin. They quickly dry out your hands, so avoid using them. Instead, pat dry your dry hands (if you pardon the pun) or shake them dry, then go in with your fav moisturiser.


In case I haven’t annoyed you enough with the word moisturise, let me tell you again. Make sure to moisturise! it’s the most important factor when repairing dry and overworked hands.

I have tried so many hand creams that are on the market, but there are only two hand creams I would recommend. The Macro Natural Vitamin E cream has a thick consistency that has helped not only with dry hands but also eczema I occasionally get on my hands.

The Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream is more like an ointment than a cream. It’s very rich and you don’t need much. It is my number one go-to hand cream when I think my hands will never recover from their dry, over cracked state.

My dad loves fishing but he get gets terribly dry, cut and cracked hands from it. He also swears by this hand cream now!



My last and final tip is to invest in a humidifier. Particularly during winter, a humidifier can be a lifesaver when it comes to your skin. It helps retain moisture in the air, I suggest having it on whilst you sleep.

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  1. The winter hates my hands, or the other way around. They’re always so dry and red, and I haven’t found anything for relief. Hand creams just never seem to work for me. I hadn’t thought about washing my hands being a problem, but now that you mention it, I do do that quite often. I might check out that Macro cream when I get the chance. Thanks for the tips.

    Loving your blog by the way, would you be interested in taking your writing to the next level and also sharing your work elsewhere. I’d love to talk to you about our platform. Simply shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested, you can find my contact details on my blog. Hope to hear from you soon.

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