Travelling Around Tokyo Japan Vlog Pt.1


Japan is an amazing country that I have always wanted to visit. It wasn’t until our love of snowboarding took over that we decided to visit the best snow in the world!

Travelling to Japan was my first time out of Australia (other than New Zealand) I was excited to start experiencing Japan’s long history, culture and different traditions.

We embarked on our adventure to Japan on Australia Day (ironically), the 25th of February. After a long 9 hour flight from Melbourne to Japan, we landed in Tokyo! With no sleep and a full day of adventures ahead, we set off the find our Airbnb with snowboards and backpacks in tow.

The language barrier was apparent straight off the bat, however, we quickly realised how accommodating the Japanese way of life truly is.

A Japanese woman dressed in the traditional kimono dress.

Being winter, Japan was a warm10 degree but it didn’t matter we were excited to be there. We checked out the nightlife of Shibuya that night, tackling the public transport which we soon got the hang of.

We soon started to enjoy the range of incredible cuisine, dumplings, pastries and fresh seafood everywhere you turn.

At one of the busiest crossings in Japan.

Being winter in Japan, it was quite cold but we donned our snow jackets and were ready to start our adventures. We checked out the nightlife of Shibuya that night, tackling the public transport which, we soon got the hang of.

We visited Tokyo Tower and enjoyed watching people race around the city in go-karts dressed as the different Mario Kart characters. It’s $80 for 2 hours so we decided to travel by foot and electric bike. The cost on average is between 500 and 1000 yen for a day, which I highly recommend!

We enjoyed walking through the markets, looking at temples and devouring too many dumplings (no such thing). Stay tuned for our next video where we backpack from Tokyo to Mt Hakuba to go snowboarding.

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