Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas and Tips

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I’m heading to a wedding this weekend and naturally, I’m starting to panic about what to wear, how to do my makeup etc.

I want to look nice without trying to upstage the bride of course. Avoiding the big wedding guest no no’s which are, nothing white or too revealing. As well as, nothing too bright or sparkly that might draw attention to myself or away from the bride (so many rules!).

I also don’t want to be mistaken for a bridesmaid so I’ve done what every girl does and taken to Pinterest for some inspiration.


While these colours are bold the outfits are not too bright or over the top. Depending on the wedding, location and time of year, these wedding guest outfits could be the perfect option.



All images were sourced from Pinterest – Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas board to find and view the dresses shared in this post.

These were my top picks for wedding guest outfit ideas, I’m thinking something floral. Which one would you choose?

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