Our Proposal Story in Mt Fuji Japan

I love reading about proposal stories, they are the start of an incredible journey towards becoming husband and wife. I love my proposal story because it was somewhat spontaneous doing what we love to do. 

This is part 3 of our Japan vlog, where we travelled from Hakuba to Mt Fuji to get engaged, unbeknownst to me.


This video shows everything we did the day we got engaged, leading up to when Tazz got down on one knee. We used some of these as engagement announcement photos for our friends and family.

I’ve written a detailed engagement story, click here to read it. I wanted to create this vlog so that we have all these memories in one place for ourselves and to share with friends and family.

MY PROPOSAL STORY ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN IN MT FUJI JAPANIf you’re heading to Japan I highly recommend getting eyelash extensions whilst you’re there, read why here.

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