5 Skin Care Tips to Embrace Your Fair Skin


Now that we are well and truly into the colder months my skin is as pale as ever. I’ve decided to embrace my pale skin and remember to really take care of it during these harsh winter months. 

Fair skin can be sensitive and more susceptible to sun damage and redness. Which means, it is extra important to take care of your beautiful fair skin. Here are my top 5 tips on how to care for your fair skin.


My number one tip for fair skin is to practise being sun smart daily, all year ’round. Sunburn leads to premature wrinkles, sun spots and worst of all, skin cancer. I use Dermalogica’s Ultra Sensitive Tint with SPF 30.

It has multiple benefits acting as a sunscreen, whilst being sensitive enough for fair skin and giving a touch of colour. It also protects from both UVA and UVB rays.


If you do want to get some sun, avoid spending too long in the sun. Some vitamin D is good for you but as a little as 10 minutes in the sun can cause serious sun damage.

I opt for Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam, it’s not patchy, applies beautifully and it lasts.

Quick tip: find a good mitt, it makes tanning so much easier!


I know you feel me on this one. Unfortunately, having pale skin shows blemishes, redness, veins, dark circles and broken capillaries.

In order to reduce any redness on your skin avoid rubbing or pulling too hard at your skin. Use a gentle face wash and pat dry your skin. Then when applying products press it into the skin rather than rubbing.


The skin is very good at absorbing product so pushing products into the skin is best. Products containing chamomile and aloe vera are also very calming on the skin. I love the Clarins chamomile toning lotion when my skin is irritated.


Products with a green undertone like the Stila One Step Correct is a great colour corrector and brightener. Which is great if you struggle with redness.

The Models Prefer colour correcting concealer palette is great for covering up imperfections and evening out the skin.5 SKIN CARE TIPS TO EMBRACE YOUR FAIR SKIN


When it comes to makeup it washes off, so wear what you love. However, the rule of thumb is to avoid dark colours if you are pale. If you use dark eyeshadow colours, it can make you appear fairer than you are.

I love warm peachy shades or pops of bright colours, can be very flattering on pale skin.

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