Snowboarding into a Massive Creek Japan


Australian snowboarder Brooke Lindsay shaken but uninjured, after falling into a creek at the Kiroro Ski Resort Japan.

I never thought I would be that person. I always had a bit of a giggle when I saw newbie snowboarders heading toward the little creeks on the groomed runs.

However, I had never seen anyone actually fall into one of those massive creeks out in the backcountry. Not until it happened to me.


We were skiing at the Kiroro ski resort in Japan and decided to take the back tracks to board some fresh lines. I opted to overtake some skiers because the cat tracks weren’t very wide and I didn’t want to have to stop.

Coming around the bend on a cat track I was not familiar with, I lost an edge and it all happened within a matter of seconds. A little yell for help and I slid into a massive creek hole and was in knee deep, icy cold water.



I had a lucky escape after falling into the massive 2-meter deep creek and that is why you should never board backtracks alone. Lucky for me, the skiers behind me had the right equipment to get me out.

I’m so thankful to the skiers who rushed to help me out, literally. especially after I found out that to get the ski patrol out there to save you, it can cost around $2,000 Australian dollars!


Don’t let this turn you off snowboarding, Japan really does have the best snow in the world. I went back to the chalet, Tazz bought me some new (dry) socks and I enjoyed a Japanese dessert. Stay safe when snowboarding this season.

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Brooke x

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    1. If I had to count how many friends and strangers I taught snowboarding.. I’d say 30+ I’m not an instructor, but I’ve observed newbies and they all seemed to make the same mistakes as I did when I was learning. It actually took me about 30 minutes to learn. I did go on the bunny hill with the instructor. Either he was a really good teacher (a kid about 17 years old) or I sorta applied my surfing / skateboarding skills along with it too. First off, its much easier if you watch a video.. I’m assuming your a total beginner, so here’s the verbal explanation of toe side and heel side turning.
      Start off with the beginner stance, what I mean is the natural stance you take when you pull your leg back, sorta like a fighting stance.. (regular or goofy) your toes should be pointing in the same direction or with some variation like your back leg is perpendicular.. its really your preference. For now as a beginner, stay away from the “duck stance”
      This technique is best for (east coast snow) Hard pack, corduroy and ice (in most cases) If you’re on the west coast.. then don’t read this.. kidding..
      Ok you’re on the mountain, when you’re ready to go.. point the nose to the bottom of the hill… When you’re moving down the hill and you’re picking up speed, the NATURAL TENDENCY is to lean back.. fight your instincts and keep your WEIGHT EQUALLY BALANCED IN THE MIDDLE and keep your legs bent. The reason: the board responds to the pressure being applied to it. If you’re leaning back (as in your, NATURAL TENDENCY) there is less surface area being applied on the snow and the board will not move the way you want it to. If you keep your WEIGHT EQUALLY BALANCED above the board with your legs bent, the response will be quicker, especially if you’re gaining more and more speed. Now.. in my opinion.. you should learn to turn or stop on your toe side. The reason: Your ass and tailbone will be much happier… besides that if you learn toe side, when you stop to rest you can just kneel down, rather than plopping on your ass.. again! your ass and wrists will be happier.
      Toe side Turn or stop… WEIGHT EQUALLY BALANCED IN THE MIDDLE and BEND YOUR KNEES… if you do this, the board just does it by itself .. like magic!! do this till you’re a toe side expert then.. move on to the heel side.. it’s a good thing I can type fast.. real quick..
      Heel side turn or stop: Your WEIGHT SHOULD BE EQUALLY BALANCED IN THE MIDDLE, straighten your legs but keep them slightly bent and stick your ass out…(show those boys what your mama gave ya). This applies pressure to the heel side and the board will perform like magic AGAIN!! Snowboarding is magical once you learn to be awesome at it. If it wasn’t for me trying to impress a chick, I probably would’ve quit after bruising my tailbone.. I was mesmerized by her heel side technique (her ASS).. You can also sorta cheat by leaning to a side.. but if you do this on ice (east coast riding) and you’re not quick enough to adjust.. the board will slide out from under you… I hope this helps.. if not.. then sorry for making you read so much 🙂 Seriously.. much easier if you watch a video. Good luck!!

  1. Holy shit, that’s gnarly. You got extremely luck that the skiers had the gear to pull you out, it’s not a common thing.

    The worst that happened to me was setting off two avalanches in a matter of minutes from each other when I was riding in bounds on Whistler mountain. It was a year when we got over 800 cms of snow in a week.

    But tree wells, creeks like that are no joke… every year a couple people die from that.

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