Australis Neutralize Palette Review and Tutorial

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Who else picked up the new Australis Neutralize Eyeshadow Palette at the Priceline 40% off cosmetics sale?

I’m so glad I picked up the Australis neutralize palette because it is simply beautiful! 

It is a gorgeous warm-toned palette, with 20 decent sized matte and shimmer eyeshadow shades. It retails for $25 but I picked it up for just $15 at the Priceline cosmetics sale. By decently sized eyeshadow shades I mean, this palette is going to last you a long time!

Australis often have sales so keep your eyes peeled to get the Australis neutralize palette at a ridiculously affordable price. 


The Australis neutralize palette is vegan-friendly with a pigmented yet lightweight formula. You should be aware that the shimmer shades do seem to have some fallout. Keep this in mind so that you can either place down some tissues under your eyes or do your foundation as the last step in your makeup routine.

We boast an impressive range of vegan-friendly products to suit all needs – who says you can’t look good while making the world a better place? – Australis


Watch my review and tutorial using the Australis neutralise palette. In this YouTube tutorial, I use the most beautiful shimmer shade in this palette, Cherry Ripe.

There is so many beautifully pigmented shades which you could create a number of looks with. I create a warm smokey look with winged eyeliner but you could go for a dark smokey eye, a badass gold eye. Or even a simple and natural eyeshadow look for everyday wear.

This is one of the best drugstore eyeshadow palettes that I have found. It is especially great if you’re just starting out with makeup and looking for a cheaper alternative to the more expensive eyeshadow palette that are on the market.

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  1. The Australis neutralize eyeshadow palette is one of the best drugstore eyeshadow palettes I’ve found. Who agrees? ☺️✨

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