Jessup Makeup Brushes Review and Demo

If you’ve been searching for an affordable makeup brush set, you may have come across the Jessup makeup brushes.

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If you’ve been searching for an affordable makeup brush set, you may have come across Jessup makeup brushes.

You can purchase Jessup makeup brushes for around $8 – $50, depending on the set you purchase from eBay. In today’s video, I demo and review the 13 powder Jessup makeup brushes that I bought on eBay for just $8!

We all know how expensive makeup brushes can be. The Jessup makeup brushes are a cheap alternative. They also come in a range of colours and a range of different sets. Not just the one I review in this video.

Who are Jessup Makeup Brushes?

You might be asking, who exactly is Jessup? They are a well-known makeup brush brand (well known by bargain hunters anyway) that sell affordable makeup brush dupes. There are multiple different sellers in China who sell the Jessup makeup brushes through eBay.

I bought a set to see if they were worth the money. Upon opening them they smelt strongly of glue. Once I gave them a couple of washes that smell went away. They also become a lot softer and nicer to use over time.


  • Affordability has to be the number one benefit of the Jessup makeup brushes. If you just are just starting out with makeup, they are a great option for you.
  • The Jessup Duo-Fiber Powder Blush Brush is now an everyday essential in my makeup brush collection.
  • They are soft and flexible.
  • They pack on your makeup product well, as you see in my review and demo video.
  • It’s not stressful if they get lost or broken whilst travelling.


  • You receive them smelling very strongly of glue. Just give them a few washes and they’re fine.
  • The Jessup Blending Brush and the Jessup Tapered Blending Brush are the two makeup brushes made from real goats hair. They are very scratchy which, is very disappointing because blending brushes are an essential eye brush.
  • I know some people have had a very different experience for me. This could be due to receiving the brushes from a different seller or they received a bad batch of brushes, I’m not sure.

I would recommend doing your research on the different sellers to find Jessup makeup brushes with good reviews at the best price!


The only shortfall for me was the two goats hair brushes. To conclude, if you are just starting out with makeup or just looking for an affordable brush set, then the Jessup makeup brushes are a great option for you!

I would love to know if you would try them after reading this post or not? If you have any questions please feel free to leave them down below and I will answer them for you. 

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