How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparing ourselves to others is something we have all struggled with. Comparison for me started at a young age through school and sports. I always wanted to be the fastest, the strongest and even the tallest!

As we get older we start focusing on who is the smartest, the funniest, the prettiest? It’s a character flaw that lives within in us and these days it’s usually triggered by endless scrolling through social media.

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

We have to work toward becoming more mindful of our thoughts. Practise the following steps to help you break the habit of comparing yourself to others.

  1. Having a Social Media Detox 
  2. Avoid Stalking Certain People
  3. Unfollow Accounts that Trigger Unhealthy Comparison
  4. Follow Social Media Accounts that Uplift You
  5. Being Supportive of Others
  6. Work on Yourself and Practise Self Love

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” —Theodore Roosevelt

Realising That Social Media Is an Illusion

We start comparing ourselves to others on social media which causes negative and destructive thoughts. This can lead to us trying to be more like others and believing we can have it through gimmicky ploys that are sold to us.

Things like waist trainers and skinny teas. Something we would never be tricked into buying when we’re confident in who we are. However, this is the power comparing ourselves to others has over us.

It’s human nature to be competitive and to want to be the best. When we’re not what we perceive as “the best” is can steal joy from our lives. We need to become more mindful of the fact that whilst someone may have something amazing happen in their lives. They don’t often show all the rejections that perhaps happened before the win

Having a Social Media Detox 

Social media especially Instagram is full of edited and filtered to perfection images that often trigger us to start comparing ourselves to others. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a beautiful and curated feed and inspiring others with our imagery.

However, it can cause destructive thoughts if we start to believe this is real life. When I find myself becoming focused on the number of “likes” I’m getting, I realise that it’s probably time to have a social media detox.

To start focusing on the people in my life and refocus on my life goals and what I’m trying to achieve. 

Being Supportive of Others

When your energy is focused on comparing yourself or making yourself feel better by tearing others down you’re only hurting yourself. There’s nothing more empowering than women building up other women (or anyone building up anyone for that matter).

Building others up doesn’t take away from you or your success, it only adds to it. It can be easy to become and remain jealous of what someone else has or does but you will start to feel a thousand times better if you start to change your mindset towards others.

When we stop looking at others as competitors or threats to us we can start to see them as motivational or inspiring.

Work on Yourself and Practise Self Love


In this self-love series, I’ll be sharing tips on embracing our flaws, mindfulness and mindset, self-care, confidence and so much more!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did be sure to check out my self-love series on YouTube and visit me on Instagram

Brooke x

5 thoughts on “How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

  1. I agree with you completely! Like you said on social media it can be easy to compare yourself to someone who appears to have it better, but you have no idea what goes on behind the screen. Their life is most likely not as perfect as they led you to believe.
    Also I agree that self love is important. After I had my daughter I had to learn to love myself again, and it was a long and difficult process. There are still things I would like to change, but I have accepted who I am and I am happy with how things are going.

    1. I would say no ones life is as perfect as their Instagram feed and that’s ok, as long as we realise this.

      I agree that taking time to practise self-care or doing something that you love, is so important. Especially when you have little ones.

      You are beautiful as you are so there’s no need to change but it’s important to continue growing and improving ourselves. Thank you so much for sharing Karalee!

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