New Year’s Resolutions That Are NOT Lose Weight

‘New year, new me’ as the saying goes but… what if, instead of changing the way we looked on the outside, we worked on self-love, improving our mindset and changing the way we think?

My 2019 new years resolutions are about working on self-love, health and happiness – having strong mindset goals and living in each and every moment. I want you to remember that there is more to life than drinking skinny tea whilst rocking your waist trainer – don’t worry we’ve all been there.

Here are my best new years resolutions that are not about losing weight. If you like my unique new year’s resolutions for 2019 maybe you can work them into your new year’s resolutions as well.

Best New Year’s Resolutions That Are NOT Lose Weight

  1. Find a new hobby – mine is dancing, of the salsa kind.
  2. Spend more meaningful time with my fiancé

  3. Cook more!
  4. Focus on my mental health

  5. Journalling – I’ve found journalling prompts are great to get started!
  6. To feel more abundant. 

  7. Spread more self-love, health & happiness vibes.

  8. Spread more love in general!
  9. Talk to me more positively.
  10. Live in the moment away from social media.

  11. Continue to learn and work on self-improvement.
  12. Fuel my body with good foods to increase my energy, build stamina and strength.

I hope these helped you brainstorm what’s important for you to focus on this year. Having an amazing 2019 and good luck with your new year resolutions.

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Brooke x

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