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I’m so excited to have you here! My name is Brooke, and I’m a lifestyle blogger, model and all round product junkie.

This blog strives to foster a community for you to come and enjoy beauty and wellness tips, trends and product reviews. I know personally, I love to do as much research and get as many opinions on specific products and trends before making a purchase – that’s what inspired me to create this blow.

As a model, it’s important that I keep my skin clear and vibrant, so I’m often testing new and trending skincare and wellness products.

From my favourite moisturisers and lip balms to how I take care of my bright and white smile! I want to share with you all of my favourite beauty and wellness products that I find myself reaching for regularly.

Live with intention and embrace your humanness!

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I’m Engaged!

I’m lucky enough to be engaged to a man who makes me laugh every day. Sometimes I even convince him to film videos with me!



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I aim to spread as much self-love, health, happiness and positive vibes through the content I create – for more inspiration be sure to visit theselfloveresource.com

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