Benefit Goof Proof Review Fluffy Brow Routine

Having full eyebrows has been a blessing since they have become quite popular in recent years. I often get people asking ‘how do I get my brows looking so thick?’ So I thought I would film my eyebrow routine.  

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Exciting Makeup Morphe Haul

Since collaborating with Jaclyn Hill, MannyMUA and a range of other beauty influencers, Morphe has become the company on everyone’s lips. There’s been good and bad speculation about Morphe, so I decided to try them out for myself. 

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Models Prefer Rainbow Highlighter Review

Rainbows and Unicorns and Models Prefer, Oh My! Ignoring my terrible Wizard of Oz reference, how magical are the new Models Prefer Unicorn Brushes and Rainbow Highlighter?

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