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How to Use a Rose Quartz Face Roller and the Amazing Skincare Benefits

If you’re anything like me (a self-proclaimed product junkie) then you know all about the benefits of facial massage and the Rose Quartz Face Rollers. As a stomach sleeper, I often wake up with a puffy face, so facial massage in the morning really to depuff my skin.  A quick tip! I like to pop the face

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The Best Natural Deodorant without Aluminum

Fun fact, we all sweat and that’s a good thing! It’s our bodies natural way of cooling itself down from overheating and ridding itself of toxins. Sweating = good, BO (body odour) = not particularly pleasant and for some, the idea of swapping their trusty antiperspirant for a natural deodorant is out of the question.

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Carbon CoCo Activated Charcoal Polish & Toothpaste Review

Today I’m reviewing Carbon CoCo’s activated charcoal polish and toothpaste combo for you. Carbon Coco claims to be your new go-to for a brighter smile, yes, please! Their range is 100% natural, Australian made oral care products that are not only effective but also vegan and cruelty-free, which is AH-MAZING!

The Most Beautiful Rice Terraces in Ubud Bali


One of the most beautiful places in Bali, the breathtaking green rice terraces in the Tegallalang village. The Ubud rice terraces will leave you speechless as you take in a view that spreads across a timeless valley. Visiting one of the numerous rice paddies in Bali is a must.